About Gratis.S

Our day-to-day work is to develop and deliver high-tech innovative solutions for our customers in compliance with the highest standard of technical excellence. We specialize in garden equipment storage field. Company’s products causes interest to a wide range of customers because of high quality, customization capabilities, innovation and technological potential of the product.

It is our philosophy here at “Gratis.S” to ensure that our products offer you the best in quality, functionality and safety.
Our customers especially appreciate the maintenance-free longevity of our storage solutions.

Your lasting satisfaction is our greatest priority here at “Gratis.S”.

We are official representatives of „Trimetals, Rehau, Wolff Finnhaus, LeGrow, BarrelQ, ViRaCube“ companies as dealers in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Trimetals and Wolff Finhaus garden sheds have proven their value in over 30 years of service and Rehau smart garden systems will not leave any indifferent person. We use only high-quality materials purchased from west-European suppliers in our manufacturing process. This is why we can confidently offer you a 25 year guarantee against corrosion on all our products.

Our Key Behaviors

It starts with me 

I take ownership and I ask myself: What can I do?

    1. Seek customer’s point of view in all meetings and decisions
    2. Demonstrate collaboration by giving and seeking support
    3. Maintain focus and simplicity

We excel in rising to technically demanding challenges, allowing us to comply with even the most unusual customer request with a broad-based range of products and services.

Together, we have already achieved a great deal, and we look forward with confidence towards a successful future.

Contact us
If you have any questions please contact us and we will answer and provide you with all information about our services and products

Goodgarden.lt -> Physical Shop

Miškinių g. 21,  Vilnius

LT-05245 , Lietuva

Contact mob. tel. Nr. +370 603 29914

El. mail: info@goodgarden.lt

(I-V 09:00-17:00)

Goodgarden.lt -> Main Office

Justiniškių g. 119-32, Vilnius

LT-05245 , Lietuva

Contact mob. tel. Nr. +370 603 29914

El. mail: info@goodgarden.lt

(I-VII 09:00-21:00)



UAB “Gratis.S”

Registration code 304245021

VAT number LT100010182311

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