Titan 108 Metal Garden Shed

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Our Titan 108 garden sheds are unique in their design, strength and quality.

The Trimetals Titan 108 is the largest model in our range of sheds and at approximately 10′ x 8′ (3m x 2.4m) it’s ideal for storing ride-on equipment or larger garden machinery.

The Titan 108 features an apex roof and is available in a two-tone olive and moorland green colour scheme. The robust PVC-coated galvanised steel panels are guaranteed for 25 years and will require no maintenance to stay looking smart.

This metal shed is supplied as standard with two acrylic windows, one fitted either side of the wide double doors. As an option, this model can have an additional two windows fitted to the rear, giving a maximum of four windows. Alternatively, where security is of particular concern, the shed can be supplied without any windows.

All Trimetals sheds incorporate advanced security features. The doors of the Titan 108 feature a secure locking mechanism, with a keyed lock with cammed locking bar that locates to both top and base of door. All external fittings are in stainless steel to maintain long term strength and durability. As an optional extra, a key pad operated infra-red movement sensing alarm with loud (130db) siren is available, supplied complete with a specially-designed fixing bracket for easy installation.

Additional accessories include Trimetals’ bespoke shelving and benching solutions. The two-tier shelving has been designed to be fixed to the interior face of the shed frame for robust storage, while the benching is freestanding and can be moved around according to requirement. A high quality wooden floor is available if required, supplied cut to size and ready to place onto a ledge integrated into the building’s base frame.

Clear step by step instructions are provided for simple, rapid self-assembly. All Titan metal garden sheds are designed to be bolted down onto a flat and level concrete base, with a recommended thickness of 100mm. Please see the dimensions table for full information on recommended dimensions of the hard base.

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  • Strong, Rigid & Unique Design
  • Secure Lockable door mechanism
  • Maintenance-Free
  • 25 Year Panel Guarantee
  • PVC-Coated Galvanised Steel Construction
  • Ventilated
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Simple, Rapid Construction
  • Clear Step by Step Instructions
  • Range of Accessories
  • Double Doors


Dimensions in Metric (Millimetres)

Length 2372
Width 2980
Height to Apex 2200
Door Width 1395
Hard Base Area 3430 x 2832

Sizes are internal – allow 150mm extra for external length and width measurements

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