Titan 900 Metal Shed

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Our Titan 900 garden sheds are unique in their design, strength and quality.

The Titan 900 series features three models – the Titan 940, 950 and 960.

They feature wide double doors as standard and are not available with windows.

A full range of accessories is also available for Titan 900 garden sheds including benching, shelving, wooden floors, hasps and padlocks and alarm.

Siting: Titan metal sheds can be placed on a variety of different bases.

Roof style: The 940, 950 and 960 have a Pent roof style.

Trimetals’ sheds are easy to construct and even easier to maintain.

They’ve been designed in a way that makes them simple and safe to put up, even for those with only basic DIY experience. Precision engineering means that all parts fit together perfectly.

As well as supplying easy-to-understand assembly instructions with all of our metal sheds, we’ve created this handy video to guide you through the process step-by-step.

We can even help you decide which basing option to go for, although it’s worth noting that all of our Titan metal garden sheds should be bolted down to a concrete base.

Once your shed is up and ready to use, there’s very little maintenance to think about. With a 25-year panel guarantee, and fire-resistant materials, it’ll be standing strong for many seasons to come. The fact that they’re fire-resistant makes Titan sheds great for mobile home sites, and other locations where combustible buildings are unsuitable.

All of our metal garden sheds boast a robust, key-operated locking mechanism, with bolts at the top and bottom of the door making forced entry almost impossible. For that added peace of mind, we have windowless sheds and can even offer a state-of-the-art alarm system – perfect if you’re storing particularly valuable goods.

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  • Strong, Rigid & Unique Design
  • Secure Lockable door mechanism
  • Maintenance-Free
  • 25 Year Panel Guarantee
  • PVC-Coated Galvanised Steel Construction
  • Ventilated
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Simple, Rapid Construction
  • Clear Step by Step Instructions
  • Range of Accessories
  • Double Doors


Sizes are internal – allow 150mm extra for external length and width measurements

Titan 940

Dimensions in Metric (Millimetres)

Length 2625
Width 1130
Height to Apex 2100
Door Width 1160
Hard Base Area 1760 x 3075

Titan 950

Dimensions in Metric (Millimetres)

Length 2625
Width 1540
Height to Apex 2100
Door Width 1395
Hard Base Area 1990 x 3075

Titan 960

Dimensions in Metric (Millimetres)

Length 2625
Width 1760
Height to Apex 2100
Door Width 1395
Hard Base Area 2210 x 3075
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